Australia is the Franchising Capital of the world per capita.

There are over 79000 individual franchised

businesses which means that conservatively there are over

50,000 franchisees.


Think about it.


If we all lived in the one place we would be a town the size of Shepparaton or Mildura in Victoria and just a little bit smaller than Gladstone or Wagga Wagga.




Franchised Businesses

Even more amazing is that there is no-one representing us.

If Small Business, Government or the media want to speak to us where do they go? They could go to the Franchise Council of Australia but, they represent the interests of Franchisors.

You could go to the Small Business Council of Australia but do they know what it is like to live work and operate in a three way partnership i.e. Franchisor, Franchisee and the business unit? And if you the franchisee did speak out how would that effect your Franchise Agreement – would you be cautioned or even worse breached.

Australia, I think it is time. Time to have a group of people who look after the interest of the Franchisee. A group that offers real business training and operation that improves the profitability of your business. A group that can give really valuable advice before you enter a franchise agreement and really valuable advice when you are inside a franchise agreement. A group that can properly evaluate a franchise model for its profitability and support mechanisms as well as rating Franchisors for their credibility, authenticity and commitment to having a stable of successful franchisees.  In short it is time we had a group created by Franchisees to support Franchisees.

It is time we made franchising an enjoyable experience for all members involved. It is time that there is place where people can go before they enter into a franchise agreement so that they enter franchising informed and with the best chance of success. A place where franchisees can go where they are not viewed as a source of income but rather as a successful small business person.

Let’s group together to “Live Learn and Lobby”